Hi there!

Hi, I’m Lee!

I’m a mindset coach and accountability partner supporting women who are ready to embrace their life in a way they’ve never allowed themselves before. I love helping others get excited about the life they are already creating, instead of waiting for a life they think they want.


It all started when…

I have been working on I’m So Her for years. I launched in 2010, but it looked very different. And I’ve been retooling it over the years, putting it down, picking it back up, over the last many years.

Last year I decided to start treating it as an experiment in my own life and documenting some of the things I was doing as a part of this adventure journey. Some of it was a success, some was a big fail. But, as time went on I began to realize that learning a life lesson and practicing were two very different things. And with that I realized I needed to expand this out beyond my own life.

Today, I’m So Her is a mindset movement focused on supporting you embrace adventures while creating a life of purpose. Together we’ll ask hard questions in a casual environment while building a personal toolkit.