All Of The Things

December has brought a lot of clarity, mostly – and this is a shocker – because I’ve been doing some big time reflection. One of the biggest things that keeps coming to the surface is that I am real good at doing things half-assed. Let me frame that a little though, because while I’m doing things I don’t actually REALIZE that I am not giving 100%. And perhaps that’s the real revelation. The knowledge that I’ve been holding myself back purely by accident.

In 2017, I made my first vision board. It was epic. And I accomplished NOT ONE THING. 2018 was similar. Great stuff on the board, no significant progress made despite the fact I had fine-tuned my goals and plans to avoid another year like 2017. Both years the problem was not so much because the ideas were bad, but because I hadn’t picked things I was truly passionate about and believed I could accomplish. And once I made the board and my initial plan, I didn’t do all the things I needed to make it a reality. I only did some of the things.

There is a huge difference between some of the things and ALL of the things. Doing some of the things only gets you so far. Doing some of the things causes you to leave your comfort zone, but doing all of the things moves your comfort zones. Doing some of the things leaves a lingering sense of “could I have done more?” because YES, you totally could have. Doing all the things puts everything out there, and if things still don’t work out, then you weren’t meant to win this one, you were meant to learn from it.

 2019 is going to be my year for ALL of the things. I am making my vision board AND putting it in my face. I am making the plans AND scheduling regular intervals to adjust and course correct. I am admitting what I truly want AND doing everything to make it happen.

This year I am doing all the things and I hope you will too!