Best of 2018

It’s a new year and seriously, good riddance 2018! I am beyond glad to have the last year behind me, and have been contemplating goals are for the upcoming year and how I will achieve them. However, this morning I happened to hear people on the radio talking about their favorite memories of 2018. It really touched me because though I am ready for a fresh start, 2018 did, in fact, have quite a bit of great in it.

So, before 2018 is put to bed in my memories, I am spending time today focusing on some of the parts I very much enjoyed last year, or at the least can appreciate in hindsight. Here are the highlights:

My little one started Kindergarten. This was probably the biggest thing for me this year. I was an absolute nutcase to be around leading up to his first day. My baby was growing up. And also, no more paying for daycare. Win – Win. BUT, he was growing up and would be in school, and what if he didn’t like it, didn’t make friends, etc… Fast forward 6 months and he loves it and has tons of friends.

I stayed standing. Lots of pretty crappy stuff happened in the second half of my year. I’m going to say from July on the year got a big thumbs down from me. However, in previous years, when faced with similarly crappy stuff I crumpled. My axis tilted and it took a long time for things to get righted. This time, I didn’t crumple. I stayed standing. I’m reminded of the wonderful quote by Willa Cather: “People live through such pain only once. Pain comes again - but it finds a tougher surface.”

I cultivated my tribe. I have been VERY fortunate to find amazing people around me over the past several years. This year, I worked to make sure I didn’t just “find” them around me, I KEPT them around me because they are awesome and I would be lost without them.

I asked for help. This is another big one for me. I have always been a “I can just do it myself” type person. But the older I get, the more often I can see how this attitude regularly backfires. This year, I asked for help a lot. And, I accepted help when it was offered (see above, I’m surrounded by some awesome people!).

I was in a lot of pictures. When I was thin and in my 20s, I never shied away from being in pictures. As I am no longer thin or in my 20s, being in pictures is currently a real struggle. But I want to be able to look back on pictures that capture special life moments and actually see myself which means I need to be in the pictures.

With as much as I hated 2018, I actually have several more things that happened that were great, just not really of note. And while I fully expect I will continue thinking of 2018 mostly in terms of the aforementioned crap parts of the year, I guess there is something to be said for this type of year. Because it made me grow, whether I wanted to or not.